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Speech & Language Therapy

Experience Red Door’s functional approach to specialized speech and language therapy, tailored for the needs of your child. Whether it’s articulation challenges in Minot or language developing in Bismarck, social language skills in Grand Forks or speech disorders in Beulah, our dedicated therapists employ evidence-based strategies to help every child find their voice. Explore our Speech & Language Therapies to discover how we’re making communication milestones achievable.

Occupational Therapy

Empower your child to confidently navigate their world with our individualized occupational therapy services. From mastering daily activities to improving cognitive skills, our approach focuses on holistic development. Explore our Occupational Therapies for an in-depth understanding of how we help children across North Dakota.

some children seek out sensory input through climbing, crashing and jumping. In these cases, children will often rush through tasks that involve multiple steps/sequences (like dressing, bathing, and eating).

Physical Therapy

Physical well-being forms the foundation of a child’s growth. Our clinics throughout North Dakota help ensure every movement is a step towards a healthier tomorrow. Learn more about how our approaches to Physical Therapy champions mobility and strength for your child.

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