Empowering Every Step: Physical Therapy at Red Door

Our Philosophy in Pediatric Physical Therapy

At Red Door, we believe every child deserves the freedom to move with joy and confidence. Spread across North Dakota in Minot, Grand Forks, Beulah and Bismarck, our clinics are havens where tiny steps become giant leaps, and every tumble is just a dance move waiting to be discovered.

Each child is unique, and so are the challenges they might face when it comes to movement. Maybe it’s a sports injury from trying to fly too high on the soccer field, a bit of toe-walking, or just some wobbles that make running feel like a game of hopscotch. With a mix of experience, passion, and the latest therapy techniques, we’re all about helping your little one move, jump, and dance their way through life with confidence.

Harnessing Gross Motor Skills and Coordination

Movement is a child’s first language, and we’re here to make sure it’s fluent. Our therapies focus on enhancing gross motor skills and coordination, turning everyday play into a symphony of leaps, hops, and bounds.

Addressing Gravitational Insecurity

For some kids, the world can feel like it’s constantly shifting under their feet. We provide tailored strategies to combat gravitational insecurity, ensuring every child feels grounded and secure in their surroundings.

Hip Dysplasia

Tackling Torticollis and Its Challenges

Torticollis can be a tricky road to navigate, but with our expert guidance, the journey becomes smoother. We focus on relieving pain, improving posture, and enhancing neck mobility, so your little one can look at the world from every angle.

Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries and Orthopedic Disorders

Every young athlete deserves a team behind them, especially when injuries come into play. From sprains to more complex orthopedic challenges, our therapists are the pit crew ready to get your child back on track.

Guidance in Gait and Mobility Training

Every step tells a story, and we’re here to make it a good one. Through gait and mobility training, we ensure that each stride your child takes is confident, balanced, and purposeful.

Finding Solutions for Toe Walking

Toe walking is more than just a phase for some children. We dive deep to understand the root causes and craft strategies that encourage a more balanced walking style, ensuring those little feet find their rhythm.

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