Comprehensive Occupational Therapy for Children

Red Door's Occupational Approach

Occupational therapy is more than just a set of exercises—it’s about enabling children to live their lives to the fullest. At Red Door, our North Dakota team is dedicated to providing a holistic approach, ensuring every child can navigate their world with confidence and joy.

Kids face all sorts of challenges, big and small, when it comes to tasks many of us take for granted. Maybe it’s tying shoelaces, using a spoon, or just feeling overwhelmed by all the sensory stuff around them. At Red Door, our therapists are here to help your child navigate their world with a big smile on their face.

Mastering Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are essential for everyday tasks, from writing to using utensils during mealtimes. Our tailored programs help children hone these skills, making actions that once seemed challenging become second nature.

Nurturing Healthy Feeding and Eating Habits

Whether it’s addressing picky eating or fostering good eating habits, our therapists provide the guidance and strategies families need. We believe that mealtimes should be moments of connection and enjoyment, and our therapy helps ensure just that.

Why does my sensory child not explore their environment?

As a parent, it can be concerning when you notice that your infant or toddler does not seem interested in exploring the world around them. Perhaps they don’t like the feel of grass or other textures, or they never seem to put things in their mouth like other children their age do. You may be wondering if this is related to sensory processing and what can be done to help your child. In this article, we will explore the possible causes of this behavior, how it may be related to sensory processing, and what you can do to help your child explore more.

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Understanding Bedwetting in Children

Bedwetting, medically known as nocturnal enuresis, is a common issue that many children experience during their early years. As a parent, it’s natural to wonder when bedwetting typically stops and whether your child may have an underlying issue related to incontinence.

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The Therapeutic Magic of Snowman Building for Children: Insights from Therapists

Winter brings a whimsical invitation to engage in outdoor activities, and one age-old tradition stands out among the snow-covered landscapes: building a snowman. Beyond being a fun pastime, the act of creating a snowman offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits for school-aged children. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists recognize the profound advantages embedded within this seemingly simple activity.

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Daily Living Skills: A Path to Independence

From grooming to dressing, bathing, and toilet training, mastering daily living skills instills a sense of pride and independence in children. Our therapeutic approaches are tailored to each child, ensuring they gain the confidence and capability for self-care.

Understanding Sensory Integration and Processing

Sensory challenges can deeply affect a child’s daily life. Whether a child seeks sensory input or rushes through multi-step tasks, our team specializes in understanding and addressing these unique sensory needs, creating a balanced and harmonious environment for growth.

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