Speech Therapy for Kids

What is a Speech Language Therapist?

Red Door Pediatric Therapy Speech Language Pathologists provide services to clients related to articulation, phonology, receptive and expressive language, fluency, motor speech disorders, cognitive delay, social language and more. We have enthusiasm for kids and families and also demonstrate exemplary skills in the following areas: organization, written/verbal language, time management and a collaborative/team approach.

Red Door Pedicatric Therapy provides services related to receptive and expressive language disorders, as well as articulation and phonological disorders (known as speech disorders).

Many diagnoses can encompass these types of disorders, including autism, pervasive developmental disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, Down syndrome, Apraxia, and Central Auditory Processing Disorder, just to name a few. However, we extend our services to all levels of functioning, whether a child is just working on an /r/ sound, or if there are several areas of concern.

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