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Stuttering in Children: A Guide for Parents from Red Door Pediatric

Stuttering in Children: A Guide for Parents

Stuttering is a common speech disorder that many children experience as they develop their language skills. If you’re a parent or caregiver, it’s essential to understand stuttering, its causes, and how to support your child through this speech development phase. This guide will explore stuttering, its potential causes, and when

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The Importance of Imitation Skills in Early Childhood Red Door Pediatric Therapy

The Importance of Imitation Skills in Early Childhood

Imitation plays a critical role in early childhood development. It’s a key factor in learning language, social interaction, and understanding the world. As parents, you can actively foster these skills, laying the foundation for your child’s growth. The Significance of Imitation from Birth From the very first day, your child

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What Skills Come Before Speaking Red Door Pediatric

What Skills Come Before Speaking?

A significant milestone in a child’s development often captures our hearts—their first words. But did you know that there are essential skills that should pave the way for these words to emerge? At Red Door Pediatric Therapy, we believe in nurturing these foundational skills to help children speak and excel

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Perinatal Occupational Therapy: A Guide for Parents

Perinatal occupational therapy addresses the mental well-being of parents during the period from conception to a year after birth. This is a time of significant changes and challenges, both physically and emotionally, for mothers and fathers. It is essential to recognize and address the mental health needs of parents during

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A Day in the Life of a Red Door Physical Therapist

Welcome to Red Door Pediatric Therapy, where each day is an opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of children. Our therapists don’t just come to work; they come to inspire, heal, and empower. Let’s glimpse what a day in the life of our physical therapists looks like,

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Joining Red Door: Transforming Lives as an Occupational Therapist

Join the vibrant team at Red Door Pediatric Therapy, where being an Occupational Therapist is about empowering children and enriching your career. Our approach goes beyond traditional therapy; it’s about creating meaningful life changes, including your own. The Role of an Occupational Therapist at Red Door  As an Occupational Therapist

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Navigating Sensory Overload: Addressing Loud Noises and Automatic Toilets for Kids in Public Bathrooms

For children with sensory processing disorders (SPD), public bathrooms can become a battleground of overwhelming sensations, especially when confronted with the loud sounds emitted by toilets, hand dryers, and the startling nature of automatic flushing toilets. These sensory challenges often heighten anxiety and discomfort, making a routine bathroom visit a distressing experience.

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The Therapeutic Magic of Snowman Building for Children: Insights from Therapists

Winter brings a whimsical invitation to engage in outdoor activities, and one age-old tradition stands out among the snow-covered landscapes: building a snowman. Beyond being a fun pastime, the act of creating a snowman offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits for school-aged children. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists recognize the profound advantages embedded within this seemingly simple activity.

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Picky Eater

My Child Is a PiCkY eAtEr!

As a parent, it can be a challenge to feed a picky eater. We all want our children to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but sometimes it feels like all they want to eat are chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. While picky eating is common in young children, it can be frustrating for parents who want to ensure their child is getting the nutrients they need.

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