With regard to occupational therapy, we provide services related to fine motor skills, emotional regulation, self-care, and sensory processing. We offer specialized training in S.O.S. “Sequential Oral Sensory” Feeding, self-regulation, core activation, reflex integration, and sensory strategies.

Occupational therapy intervention is fun, interactive, and play-based. Whether your child is working on daily living skills (dressing, bathing, eating), attention/distractibility, or dealing with anger/anxiety our team is ready to support your child’s development.

What is an Occupational Therapist?

Red Door Pediatric Therapy Occupational Therapists provide services to clients related to fine motor, gross motor planning and development, activities of daily living, sensory integration, and more.

At Red Door Pediatric Therapy in Bismarck and Minot, our enthusiasm for kids and families truly set us apart but we also demonstrate exemplary skills in the following areas: organization, written/verbal language, time management and a collaborative/team approach.

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